Meyamo is launching our new series of iron-on designs to complement our series of iron-on letters. We will be featuring each of the designs over the next few weeks so you can get to know all the fun mix and match possibilities.

We hope you enjoyed Monday’s feature: Safari Iron-on Designs. Today, we are excited to feautre our Cats & Kittens series. Like all our fun, fuzzy designs, they come in two sizes and three colors. The Cats & Kittens designs are available in fuchsia, light pink and gray.

And to get the creativity started, some examples of how you can use your cats and kittens. You can use the designs to personalize all types of items: clothing, hats, bags, curtains, bedding and more!

Stay tuned for our next feature: Space, Astronauts & Aliens!


Meyamo has had a couple of busy months and we wanted to share some of our recent events in Chile & the US with you.

Meyamo ha tenido importantes actividades estos últimos meses y queremos compartir con ustedes algunos de nuestros eventos en Chile y EEUU.

Back in October, Meyamo went to the ENK Children’s Club show in New York City. Here are some photos showing all the hard work that created a beautiful stand.

En Octubre, Meyamo viajó a Nueva York para participar en la feria ENK Children’s Club. Aquí mostramos algunas fotos del stand.

Next, Meyamo was invited to participate in the 4th Biennial of Design in Chile, which highlights the best of design from across the country. Our designers went to the inauguration to celebrate.

En Chile, Meyamo participó en la 4ta Bienal de Diseño, destacándose entre lo mejor del diseño nacional. Nuestras diseñadoras fueron a la inauguración para celebrar.

And finally, this past weekend, Meyamo participated in the Puro Diseno Bazar event at Casa Piedra.

Y finalmente, Meyamo participó en el Bazar Puro Diseño, el fin de semana pasado en Casa Piedra.

Missed Meyamo at these events? Check us out in Chile at our Product Launch at Tienda Museo Bellas Artes this Saturday, December 11 starting at 12:00pm. There will be lots of holiday gifts to purchase, DIY projects to try out and snacks for the whole family. We will also be at Expoferia de Diseno Independiente at the W Hotel (Isidora Goyenecha 3000, Las Condes) this Sunday, December 12 from 11:00-22:00. Come visit Meyamo!

¿No alcanzaste a ver a Meyamo en estos eventos? Ven a visitarnos en el lanzamiento de nuestros productos en La Tienda Museo del Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, este Sábado 11 de Diciembre desde las 12:00. Habrán regalos de navidad para comprar y proyectos hágalo usted mismo para compartir con los niños. También estaremos en la Expoferia de Diseño Independiente en el W Hotel (Isidora Goyenechea 3000, Las Condes), el Domingo 12 de Diciembre desde las 11:00 a las 22:00. ¡Ven a visitar a Meyamo!

Christmas is coming! With all the craziness of the holiday season, Meyamo invites you to use what you have around the house and take a break to enjoy the season and make recycled paper ornaments with your kids. All you need is paper (magazines, newspapers, etc), water and a bit of creativity. Use our templates to make personalized ornaments for your holiday tree or as gifts for teachers, grandparents and friends.

Download Recycled Paper Holiday Ornament

Instructions to make the paper!

Step 1: Using magazines, newspapers and other papers you want to recycle, cut out pieces of the color you want for the base of your ornament. If you choose different colors, keep them separate.

Step 2: Choose a color and tear the paper into small pieces, ideally by hand to get a better effect.

Step 3: In a bowl, add water until the paper pieces are completely covered.

Step 4: Stir and move the paper in the bowl to form a paste. Once damp, the paper will be softer and easier to use. Set aside for a few minutes.
*You can also use an electric food chopper or juicer to make your paste.

Step 5: Strain the water without squeezing the paper.

Instructions to make the ornament!

Step 6: Print the templates on regular paper and put them on a cardboard surface or on a tray to be able to move them later.

Step 7: Take small handfuls of the paste and squeeze out the water. Use it to fill in the shape of the template, inserting a ribbon to be able to hang your ornament later. You can also fill cookie cutters with paste to form the shape of your ornament.

Step 8: Cut paper to decorate your ornaments and bring them to life! You can use the template to cut out the accessories on colored paper, letting them soak for 2-3 minutes in water. Once damp, the paper will be softer and stick better to the ornament.

Step 9: Once decorated, lay the ornaments in the sun or next to a heater or fireplace. Depending on the temperature, they can take a few hours or overnight to dry. Finally trim any excess material.

Time to decorate the tree!

This week, Meyamo is launching our new series of iron-on designs to complement our series of iron-on letters. We will be featuring each of the designs over the next few weeks so you can get to know all the fun mix and match possibilities.

First up, our Safari Iron-on Designs. These designs come in two sizes and three different colors (bright green, orange and light gray).

Here are all the different options:

And to get the creativity started, some examples of how you can use your safari. You can use the designs to personalize all types of items: clothing, hats, bags, curtains, bedding and more!

Stay tuned for our next feature: Cats!

We hope that you are enjoying all of our DIY Projects. We have been very lucky to have several of our DIY projects featured around the blogsphere in the last couple of months. Check out our projects as well as the hundreds of other fun craft ideas on some of these sites. Thanks to all of them for featuring Meyamo!

Summer Memories Frame

One Pretty Thing: Kid’s Craft Round Up

ABC & 123 Learning: Recording Your Summer Memories

Someday Crafts

Crafts Keep Me Sane

Oops I Craft My Pants

Paper Fold-up Animals

Fireflies & Jellybeans

One Pretty Thing: Kid’s Printable Round-Up

Robot Halloween Costume

One Pretty Thing: Halloween Costume Round-Up

C.R.A.F.T: Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Deja Minuit

Creation Corner

Halloween is just around the corner. Need a fun and easy costume idea but don’t want to shop at a giant superstore? Meyamo’s Robot Halloween Costume templates let kids be creative and craft their own robot, Add fun accessories and recycled materials to bring your robot to life.

Download Robot Halloween template (PDF)

Step 1: Print the template on white or colored paper (cardstock works best).
*You can print on regular paper and then glue or trace onto cardstock to make the robot (face and body) more rigid.

Step 2: Color or paint the templates to personalize your robot as you’d like.
*You can also choose from the pre-decorated accessories to save time.

Step3: Build the Robot

For the Robot Face:
There are two options for the robot face. You can paste or draw the robot face onto a small box to create a full robot head or use recycled cardboard (cereal boxes work well) to create a mask. For both options, cut on the dotted line of the template to leave holes for the eyes and mouth.
*If making the mask, make a hole on each side of the cereal box, connect them with elastic cord and you are ready to go!

For the Robot body:
Paste or draw the body of the robot on sturdy cardboard. Use the loop holes on the sides to add string and tie around the waist. Make two holes at the top and add string to tie the body around the neck. This way, it will stay on while playing.

Step 4: Decorate the templates with buttons and colors to look more like a real robot. Use the accessories template to bring your  robot to life or use recycled materials like bottle caps, candy wrappers, old CD’s, metallic paper, corks, etc.

Give your robot a name! If you are decorating with paper or fabric, you can include fun phrases or words with Meyamo’s easy to apply, fuzzy iron-on letters in different designs and colors. Find them in the products section at

Some accessories can be used on their own:
-The wristbands with supersonic screens which you can wear by joining the ends around the wrist or attach to a bottle or box that fits around the arm.
-The anntenas to communicate long distance. You can attach the anntena to cardboard or a stick as a support.

We’d love to see your finished product. Send your robot photos to or become a Facebook fan and upload your photo at

Love our products but your kids have outgrown their onesies? We have good news! We are excited to announce that Meyamo’s fun, soft, iron on letters can now be purchased separately to decorate and design as you wish.

The letters are available in sky blue, bubble gum pink or apple green on our website at

Now you can use the letters to personalize t-shirts, bedding, bags and more. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Be creative and personalize with Meyamo’s unique letters and share your final product with us to be featured on our blog. Just write to

Become a fan of Meyamo on Facebook.

Back from vacation but don’t want the fun to end? Are your kids full of energy before school starts and need a fun activity?
Savor your family’s fun summer memories with easy to make frames using old CD cases.
Let them decorate Meyamo’s templates with bright colors or even summer keepsakes-shells, ticket stubs, or even sticks from camp.
You can also use Meyamo’s soft iron-on letters to really make the design stand out and let the memories live on!

Download CD Case Frame template (PDF)

Step 1: Print your favorite template on white or colored paper (cardstock works best).
*You can print on regular paper and then glue or trace onto cardstock to make the frame more rigid.

Step 2: Let your kids have fun decorating the templates with phrases and colors that remind them of their fun summer adventures.
*If you are decorating with paper or fabric, you can include fun phrases or words with Meyamo’s iron on letters. They are easy to apply with soft textures and different designs. Find them at

Step 3: Cut on the dotted link of the template to leave a hole in the center and create the frame for the photo.

Step 4: Take the CD case and flip it inside out.

Step 5: Place the photo on the inside of the clear cover of the CD case. You can also glue or tape it directly to the case.
*Trim any extra as necessary so that the photo fits in the cover of the case.

Step 6: Slide the decorated frame over the photo using the clips on the CD case to hold it in place. Then fold the top border of the frame over the top of the CD case to keep the frame from sliding.

Continue decorating: After you slide your frame, into the case, you can continue decorating. Try adding shells, twigs or stones from your vacation to add even more interest.

Good News! Meyamo’s letters will soon be available on their own!
Visit our website on August 17 to see our fun letters for both babies and kids. Now, in addition to our cute, classic onesies you can decorate other clothing, bedding, bags and even paper.

We will also be launching other fun iron-on transfers in the coming months (some of which can be seen below), allowing you to mix and match and be even more creative, so come back and visit us often. You can stay up-to-date on all the latest Meyamo news and DIY projects by signing up for our newsletter at

In the meantime, we wanted to share some fun gift ideas using Meyamo’s transfers. We invite you to be creative and use Meyamo’s letters to dream up your own gifts (and be sure to share the results with us!).

On the hunt for a great baby shower gift? Try using one or two sets of Meyamo letters and designs to create a fun, personalized gift set.

You can easily personalize a room with Meyamo’s letters and a simple frame.

How about a cute bib?

Our classic onesies are a great addition as well.

Just wrap it all up in a personalized box, ready to go.

Remember the last 4th of July party? Little Jack almost burnt down the neighbor’s house with his homemade fireworks and everyone forgot about little Emma until a tired but good-willed Uncle Sam chased her back from the other end of the parade. This year keep your kids happy and entertained by helping them create their own 4th of July pinwheels.
They can use recycled gift-wrap, print their own designs using potato stamps or use Meyamo’s 4th of July inspired patterns. The long wait for the fireworks will be a whirl!

Download 4th of July Pinwheel template (PDF)

Step 1: Print the pinwheel template you want to use. You can print it or trace it using newspaper, magazines or used wrapping paper*. You can also draw and paint over a blank template or print Meyamos’s 4th of July inspired patterned templates.

*Do not use card stock or heavy paper stock because your pinwheel might not turn so well.

Step 2: If you use recycled paper, place the pinwheel template on the recycled paper and cut together along the dotted line. If you use one of Meyamos’s 4th of July inspired patterned templates, just cut along the dotted line.

Step 3: Take the outer points of the template (5 all together) and glue them to the center of the pinwheel one at a time (best results when using a glue stick).

Step 4: Stick a pin through the center of the pinwheel to make a hole, making sure it goes through all five points. Roll the pin around in little circles to enlarge the hole a little. This is to make sure your pinwheel spins freely.

Step 5. Assemble the pinwheel: First stick a pin* or thin wire through a button, piece of paper or small seed, then stick it through the hole at the center of the pinwheel, then through 2 or 3 buttons (or seeds or anything that will separate the pinwheel from the stick), and finally attach it to a wooden stick, skewer or straw.
*If you use a pin you need to make sure to bend the sharp end with a pair of pliers.

Other decorating ideas:

1. Give your pinwheel a comet’s tail: Cut a rectangle-shaped paper into ¼ inch-wide strips, stopping just short of the top. Next, fold the paper in half and then attach it to the back of the pinwheel’s stick.

2. Decorate your pinwheel using a potato stamp: Cut a potato in half and draw a star, or any shape you like, on its flat side. Carve out the excess shape around the star with a sharp knife (adults only!). You can now dip the potato in paint* and stamp as many stars as you like.

*Thick paint works best, runny paint might wrinkle the paper.

3. Decorate the wooden stick with a ribbon: Attach the ribbon to the back of the assembled pinwheel, then roll and glue it down until you get to the end of the stick.

Happy 4th of July.
 Have a whirl!

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