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On Saturday 11th, Meyamo had a product launch at the Museum store at the Bellas Artes Museum in Santiago. The family friendly event featured Meyamo’s line of products as well as food, drink and our DIY projects for the kids to make and take home. Here are some photos from the day.

El Sábado 11, Meyamo realizó un lanzamiento en la tienda del Museo Bellas Artes en Santiago. El evento presentó la nueva línea de productos de Meyamo, acompañado por un cóctel y proyectos Hágalo Usted Mismo para los niños. Aquí mostramos algunas fotos.


This week, Meyamo is launching our new series of iron-on designs to complement our series of iron-on letters. We will be featuring each of the designs over the next few weeks so you can get to know all the fun mix and match possibilities.

First up, our Safari Iron-on Designs. These designs come in two sizes and three different colors (bright green, orange and light gray).

Here are all the different options:

And to get the creativity started, some examples of how you can use your safari. You can use the designs to personalize all types of items: clothing, hats, bags, curtains, bedding and more!

Stay tuned for our next feature: Cats!

Halloween is just around the corner. Need a fun and easy costume idea but don’t want to shop at a giant superstore? Meyamo’s Robot Halloween Costume templates let kids be creative and craft their own robot, Add fun accessories and recycled materials to bring your robot to life.

Download Robot Halloween template (PDF)

Step 1: Print the template on white or colored paper (cardstock works best).
*You can print on regular paper and then glue or trace onto cardstock to make the robot (face and body) more rigid.

Step 2: Color or paint the templates to personalize your robot as you’d like.
*You can also choose from the pre-decorated accessories to save time.

Step3: Build the Robot

For the Robot Face:
There are two options for the robot face. You can paste or draw the robot face onto a small box to create a full robot head or use recycled cardboard (cereal boxes work well) to create a mask. For both options, cut on the dotted line of the template to leave holes for the eyes and mouth.
*If making the mask, make a hole on each side of the cereal box, connect them with elastic cord and you are ready to go!

For the Robot body:
Paste or draw the body of the robot on sturdy cardboard. Use the loop holes on the sides to add string and tie around the waist. Make two holes at the top and add string to tie the body around the neck. This way, it will stay on while playing.

Step 4: Decorate the templates with buttons and colors to look more like a real robot. Use the accessories template to bring your  robot to life or use recycled materials like bottle caps, candy wrappers, old CD’s, metallic paper, corks, etc.

Give your robot a name! If you are decorating with paper or fabric, you can include fun phrases or words with Meyamo’s easy to apply, fuzzy iron-on letters in different designs and colors. Find them in the products section at

Some accessories can be used on their own:
-The wristbands with supersonic screens which you can wear by joining the ends around the wrist or attach to a bottle or box that fits around the arm.
-The anntenas to communicate long distance. You can attach the anntena to cardboard or a stick as a support.

We’d love to see your finished product. Send your robot photos to or become a Facebook fan and upload your photo at

Grandma, Aunt Jenny from Alaska and a few close friends from out-of-town often mail your kids lovely presents. This time motivate your kids to express their love and gratitude with adorable Valentine’s Day postcards.
Everybody will feel the love!

Download Valentine’s Day Postcards Template (PDF)


Step 1: Print the postcard templates on white or colored paper
(cardstock works best).

Step 2: Glue the postcard design to a piece of cardboard (we glued it over the printed side of a cereal box).

Step 3: Cut the postcard following the dotted line.

Step 4: Bring the postcard to life! Let your kids decorate their cards with their own drawings. They can also cut and glue their favorite paper candy heart messages.

Step 5: Once the front of the postcard is ready you can cut out the back postcard’s template following the dotted line and glue it to the cardboard back. As an option you can also hand-draw the address lines to the back of the postcard.

Step 6: Personalize it with your Valentine’s Day message, place a stamp and mail your sweet wishes.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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