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Creation Corner


Back from vacation but don’t want the fun to end? Are your kids full of energy before school starts and need a fun activity?
Savor your family’s fun summer memories with easy to make frames using old CD cases.
Let them decorate Meyamo’s templates with bright colors or even summer keepsakes-shells, ticket stubs, or even sticks from camp.
You can also use Meyamo’s soft iron-on letters to really make the design stand out and let the memories live on!

Download CD Case Frame template (PDF)

Step 1: Print your favorite template on white or colored paper (cardstock works best).
*You can print on regular paper and then glue or trace onto cardstock to make the frame more rigid.

Step 2: Let your kids have fun decorating the templates with phrases and colors that remind them of their fun summer adventures.
*If you are decorating with paper or fabric, you can include fun phrases or words with Meyamo’s iron on letters. They are easy to apply with soft textures and different designs. Find them at

Step 3: Cut on the dotted link of the template to leave a hole in the center and create the frame for the photo.

Step 4: Take the CD case and flip it inside out.

Step 5: Place the photo on the inside of the clear cover of the CD case. You can also glue or tape it directly to the case.
*Trim any extra as necessary so that the photo fits in the cover of the case.

Step 6: Slide the decorated frame over the photo using the clips on the CD case to hold it in place. Then fold the top border of the frame over the top of the CD case to keep the frame from sliding.

Continue decorating: After you slide your frame, into the case, you can continue decorating. Try adding shells, twigs or stones from your vacation to add even more interest.

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