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Hola amigos, les contamos que tuvimos el privilegio de compartir Meyamo con algunos de nuestros amigos pascuenses! Taura’a, de 10 años, también conocida como Tau, eligió para su polera la frase: “hapa’o te henua”: Cuidemos el medio ambiente. La mamá de Hiru Huki decidió ponerle el nombre de su linda niña de un año y medio junto con jirafas y palmeras, una combinación selvática tropical! Meyamo aporto a nuestra modelo más joven, de sólo 4 meses, visitante del continente: Olivia. Ella afirma que ya se enamoró de la isla y pretende volver muchas veces. Vean las fotos, todas nuestras modelos son bellísimas y el entorno espectacular. A quienes no conozcan la isla, si pueden, vayan a visitarla, es un lugar muy especial.

Hi friends! We had the opportunity to share Meyamo with some of our friends on Easter Island. Taura’a, age 10, also known as Tau, chose the phrase: “hapa’o te henua” (take care of the environment) for her shirt. Hiru Huki’s mom decided to use the name of her beautiful 1 1/2 year old daughter together with giraffes and palm trees, a tropical jungle combination! Meyamo brought the youngest model, only 4 months old: Olivia. She fell in love with the island and hopes to return many times. Enjoy the photos, our beautiful models and the spectacular landscape. If you haven’t had a chance to visit Easter Island and have the opportunity, definitely go visit, it is a really special place.


Meyamo has had a couple of busy months and we wanted to share some of our recent events in Chile & the US with you.

Meyamo ha tenido importantes actividades estos últimos meses y queremos compartir con ustedes algunos de nuestros eventos en Chile y EEUU.

Back in October, Meyamo went to the ENK Children’s Club show in New York City. Here are some photos showing all the hard work that created a beautiful stand.

En Octubre, Meyamo viajó a Nueva York para participar en la feria ENK Children’s Club. Aquí mostramos algunas fotos del stand.

Next, Meyamo was invited to participate in the 4th Biennial of Design in Chile, which highlights the best of design from across the country. Our designers went to the inauguration to celebrate.

En Chile, Meyamo participó en la 4ta Bienal de Diseño, destacándose entre lo mejor del diseño nacional. Nuestras diseñadoras fueron a la inauguración para celebrar.

And finally, this past weekend, Meyamo participated in the Puro Diseno Bazar event at Casa Piedra.

Y finalmente, Meyamo participó en el Bazar Puro Diseño, el fin de semana pasado en Casa Piedra.

Missed Meyamo at these events? Check us out in Chile at our Product Launch at Tienda Museo Bellas Artes this Saturday, December 11 starting at 12:00pm. There will be lots of holiday gifts to purchase, DIY projects to try out and snacks for the whole family. We will also be at Expoferia de Diseno Independiente at the W Hotel (Isidora Goyenecha 3000, Las Condes) this Sunday, December 12 from 11:00-22:00. Come visit Meyamo!

¿No alcanzaste a ver a Meyamo en estos eventos? Ven a visitarnos en el lanzamiento de nuestros productos en La Tienda Museo del Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, este Sábado 11 de Diciembre desde las 12:00. Habrán regalos de navidad para comprar y proyectos hágalo usted mismo para compartir con los niños. También estaremos en la Expoferia de Diseño Independiente en el W Hotel (Isidora Goyenechea 3000, Las Condes), el Domingo 12 de Diciembre desde las 11:00 a las 22:00. ¡Ven a visitar a Meyamo!

Love our products but your kids have outgrown their onesies? We have good news! We are excited to announce that Meyamo’s fun, soft, iron on letters can now be purchased separately to decorate and design as you wish.

The letters are available in sky blue, bubble gum pink or apple green on our website at

Now you can use the letters to personalize t-shirts, bedding, bags and more. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Be creative and personalize with Meyamo’s unique letters and share your final product with us to be featured on our blog. Just write to

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American Red Cross: Chile Relief and Development

Un Techo Para Chile

Hogar de Cristo

Dear friends of Meyamo,
Please help us help Chile get back on its feet.

As you know Chile was hit by a massive earthquake on Saturday February 27th. Meyamo has a subsidiary office in Santiago, Chile and we feel very strongly about helping all the people that lost their homes and are in need of shelter, food and water. This will be a long national and international effort as even though basic needs might be met soon many families will need continued support to rebuild their lives with dignity and hope.
We want to encourage you to make cash donations to the non-profits listed above. All of them are traditional and prestigious institutions that have been helping people in need in Chile effectively for many decades. Meyamo will happily match those donations*. Please email us your transfer receipts to and we will email you a confirmation of our matching donation.

We also want to let all our friends know that everyone in our team and their families are doing well. Thank you for all the emails and support!

* Meyamo will match up to US $100 per individual donation. Meyamo will match a total of US $2,000 in donations. Meyamo’s staff members in Chile are each making their own individual efforts to help the earthquake relief through additional cash, food, clothing donations and volunteer work.

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