Make your Valentine’s Day cards stand out this year with Meyamo’s pom-pom creatures and card templates. Create a pom-pom heart, caterpillar, sheep or even an alien to gift on its own or together with our fun personalizable cards. The pom-poms are a great way to use up leftover yarn from knitting projects and get the kids involved.

Download Valentine’s pom-pom template.

Instructions to make the pom-pom:

Step 1: Cut two circles of cardstock to the size indicated on the template. Then, cut out the inner circle of each.
* To make a mouse, bunny or another animal with a head and body, make two pom-poms of different sizes.

Step 2: Put two same sized circles together and wrap with yarn as shown in the photo. If you run out of yarn before you finish wrapping, you can tie on a new piece and keep going.
* Using a yarn needle with a rounded point will make this process easier. The more yarn that you add, the fluffier your pom-pom will be. You can also try wrapping with more than one strand of yarn at a time to make the process go faster.

Step 3: Once you finish wrapping your circle with yarn completely, tie a knot. Then cut the yarn around the perimeter of the circle.

Step 4: Separate the cardstock circles at the inside of the pom-pom. Pass a string of yarn between them and tie a tight knot several times at the center of the pom-pom.

Step 5: Cut the cardstock circles to pull them out of the pom-pom.

Ready! Now you can add eyes, antennas, ears and other accessories to make your Valentine’s Day creature. Stick it onto a card or add one of our labels to make a gift.


– Bee: To make the bee, cover the cardstock circle completely once with yellow yarn. Then, use black yarn for the second time around. This will add the colored lines to your pom-pom to make the bee.

– Heart: To make the heart, make a regular pom-pom and then carefully trim the sides to form the shape of a heart.

Instructions to make the pom-pom cards:

Step 1: Print the template on white cardstock or regular paper. If you print it on regular paper, glue it onto cardstock later to make it more rigid to support the pom-pom.

Step 2: Choose the template that you like. Make a little hole in the center of the figure where you want to put the pom-pom.

Step 3: Have fun decorating the card with color or valentine messages.

Step 4: Tie a piece of yarn to the pom-pom. Then pass the thread through the hole in the card, making a knot on the reverse side to attach it.

Ready! Gift your personalized card on Valentine’s Day.