Christmas is coming! With all the craziness of the holiday season, Meyamo invites you to use what you have around the house and take a break to enjoy the season and make recycled paper ornaments with your kids. All you need is paper (magazines, newspapers, etc), water and a bit of creativity. Use our templates to make personalized ornaments for your holiday tree or as gifts for teachers, grandparents and friends.

Download Recycled Paper Holiday Ornament

Instructions to make the paper!

Step 1: Using magazines, newspapers and other papers you want to recycle, cut out pieces of the color you want for the base of your ornament. If you choose different colors, keep them separate.

Step 2: Choose a color and tear the paper into small pieces, ideally by hand to get a better effect.

Step 3: In a bowl, add water until the paper pieces are completely covered.

Step 4: Stir and move the paper in the bowl to form a paste. Once damp, the paper will be softer and easier to use. Set aside for a few minutes.
*You can also use an electric food chopper or juicer to make your paste.

Step 5: Strain the water without squeezing the paper.

Instructions to make the ornament!

Step 6: Print the templates on regular paper and put them on a cardboard surface or on a tray to be able to move them later.

Step 7: Take small handfuls of the paste and squeeze out the water. Use it to fill in the shape of the template, inserting a ribbon to be able to hang your ornament later. You can also fill cookie cutters with paste to form the shape of your ornament.

Step 8: Cut paper to decorate your ornaments and bring them to life! You can use the template to cut out the accessories on colored paper, letting them soak for 2-3 minutes in water. Once damp, the paper will be softer and stick better to the ornament.

Step 9: Once decorated, lay the ornaments in the sun or next to a heater or fireplace. Depending on the temperature, they can take a few hours or overnight to dry. Finally trim any excess material.

Time to decorate the tree!