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Good News! Meyamo’s letters will soon be available on their own!
Visit our website on August 17 to see our fun letters for both babies and kids. Now, in addition to our cute, classic onesies you can decorate other clothing, bedding, bags and even paper.

We will also be launching other fun iron-on transfers in the coming months (some of which can be seen below), allowing you to mix and match and be even more creative, so come back and visit us often. You can stay up-to-date on all the latest Meyamo news and DIY projects by signing up for our newsletter at

In the meantime, we wanted to share some fun gift ideas using Meyamo’s transfers. We invite you to be creative and use Meyamo’s letters to dream up your own gifts (and be sure to share the results with us!).

On the hunt for a great baby shower gift? Try using one or two sets of Meyamo letters and designs to create a fun, personalized gift set.

You can easily personalize a room with Meyamo’s letters and a simple frame.

How about a cute bib?

Our classic onesies are a great addition as well.

Just wrap it all up in a personalized box, ready to go.


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