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Grandma, Aunt Jenny from Alaska and a few close friends from out-of-town often mail your kids lovely presents. This time motivate your kids to express their love and gratitude with adorable Valentine’s Day postcards.
Everybody will feel the love!

Download Valentine’s Day Postcards Template (PDF)


Step 1: Print the postcard templates on white or colored paper
(cardstock works best).

Step 2: Glue the postcard design to a piece of cardboard (we glued it over the printed side of a cereal box).

Step 3: Cut the postcard following the dotted line.

Step 4: Bring the postcard to life! Let your kids decorate their cards with their own drawings. They can also cut and glue their favorite paper candy heart messages.

Step 5: Once the front of the postcard is ready you can cut out the back postcard’s template following the dotted line and glue it to the cardboard back. As an option you can also hand-draw the address lines to the back of the postcard.

Step 6: Personalize it with your Valentine’s Day message, place a stamp and mail your sweet wishes.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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