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Santa brought so many earth-conscious gifts this holiday season, but he forgot to mention what to do with all the wrapping paper and ribbons! Before you toss them out here’s an opportunity for you and your kids to use them to build some fun cereal box organizers.

Download the Cereal Box Organizer Template (PDF)


Step 1: Save a large empty cereal box and cut the top right corner to transform it into a magazine file. You can use one of the shapes from the Meyamo DIY template as a guideline. Select scraps of wrapping paper, fabric or ribbon to decorate it.

Step 2: Cut out the different papers and fabric scraps and glue them all over the box to create a fun collage.

Step 3: Cover the entire cereal box with the designs. Cut out any pieces of paper or fabric that stick out beyond the edges of the box.

Step 4: Print out the patterns and designs from Meyamo’s template and use them to decorate the box. To create a silly jungle look, cut out the different animal shapes and place your kids portraits behind them.

Robot Box: For a retro-cyber box, cover the box with a robot-inspired wrapping paper. Then print and cut out the robots in the pdf to decorate it. Let kids add the finishing touches by painting over the graphics.

Ribbons and Fabric: Here’s a perfect opportunity to use all those holiday leftover ribbons and fabric scraps.

Patchwork: Mix and match leftover wrapping papers into a fun design. Print and cut the different labels and designs in the Meyamo template and glue them to the box. Write and paint over them for a custom look.

Congratulations! You have just created a fun, recycled storage box. Now it’s easy to motivate your kids to organize their school projects, artwork, photos and keepsakes.


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